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1. The Resurrection
2. Jesus appears to the disciples
3. Jesus breaking bread at EMMAUS
4. Jesus is taken up to Heaven.
5. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene
6. Jesus entrusts keys of Heaven to Peter
7. Jesus asking Peter to take care of his sheep.
8. Miraculous catch at Lake Tiberius
9. Thomas exclaims, "My Lord and My God"
10. Mary Magdalene seeking Jesus in the tomb
1. Life among the early Christians.
2. Saul's Damascus Encounter.
3. Angel setting Peter free.
4. Peter heals the lame man
5. Peter and John before the Council
6. Saphira falls dead before Peter.
7. The stoning of Stephen.
8. The Seven Deacons of the early Church.
9. Paul's ship wreck at the shore of Malta
10. Peter being crucified.
11. Peter preaching the risen Christ.

1. The wedding feast at Cana
2. Multiplication of loaves.
3. Jesus Walking on the sea
4. Jesus calming the turbulent sea
5. The Prodigal Son
1. Disembarking at Musiris ( Kodungallur) in AD 52
2. Church established at Palayur.
3. "Let us also go, that we may die with Him".(St. John 11 : 16)
4. Performing miracle at Palayur.
5. Christian Communities founded in Kerala.
6. Praying in a cave at St. Thomas Mount, Madras
7. Being pierced by miscreants
8. St. Thomas Cathedral, Ortono, Italy where his mortal remains are interred
1. The Angel announces the Good News.
2. The Birth of Jesus Christ.(Luke 2 - 14)
3. Mary visits Elizabeth
4. Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature
5. Preaching of John the Baptizer
6. The Baptism of Jesus Christ
.7. The fleeing to Egypt
8. The Boy Jesus in the Temple.

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