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Glimpses of the past


Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours is one of the important Christian pilgrim centres in the so called God's Own Country Kerala




AD 1974 - The great architect of Thrissur town, His Highness Sakthan Thampuran Maharaja settled 52 Christian families from nearby places in Thrissur.




1814 - The first Catholic Church & parish was established in the name of Our Lady Of Dolours. However in the course of history the catholics lost that church and they wished to  build a new church in the town itself




10th October 1925 - the Thrissur Bishop Mar Francis Vazhappilly initiated the temporary measures to build a new church in the nearby school building




On 21st December 1929 - the foundation stone was laid for the present church of Our Lady Of Dolours




After 11 years of hardwork the church was built in Gothic style turned out to the biggest & most beautiful church in Asia. The blessing of this church was done by Mar Francis Vazhappilly on 24th November, 1940




1994 May 1st –The consecration of Mar George Alappat took place in the Basilica




Mar Joseph Kundukulam , the Bishop of Thrissur elevated the Basilica to Parish in 1978 and to Forane church in 1980




1986 February 7 - Pope John Paul II was given a warm reception in Saktan Thanmpuran Nagar within the boundary of the parish. The throne and the preaching table used by the Pope are kept in the main altar




1987 Aug 23rd - Cardinal Lourde Swami, head of the oriental Congregation, Rome established and blessed the The Perpetual Adoration Centre




1992 April 22 – Pope John Paul II elevated this church to the status of Minor Basilica and Mar Antony Padiyara, The Late Major Archbishop of Syro Malabar Church consecrated this church as Basilica in 1992 May 20.




2001 Sept 15 - Our Lady of Dolours Basilica is declared as Shrine by Mar James Pazhayaattil, the Bishop of Iringalakuda as per the orders of Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy, the Archbishop of Thrissur




2002 April 22 – Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy, the Archbishop of Thrissur blessed the foundation stone for the reconstruction of the Bible Tower.




2004 Jan 7 – The Blessing of the Bible Tower by His Eminence Cardinal Daud Moosa, the head of the Oriental Congregation, Rome in the presence of all bishops of India


Special Features of Dolours of Basilica



Biggest and tallest church in Asia

Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours was got an area of 25000sq.ft with three towers, two in front and one in rear. The front towers are having a height of 146 feet and the rear tower is having a height of 260 feet. The great Maharaja of Cochin, His Excellency Rama Varma issued the sanction to build a big church at Thrissur. He wished at that time tat" the New Church must be the biggest church in Asia" The wish of Maharaja was fulfilled in 1940 when the church was blessed by His Ex.Rt.Rev.Dr.Francis Vazhapilly.

||| Minor Basilica


The New church was raised to the status of Minor Basilica on 25th April 1992 by the pope John Paul II. By this honour this church is made the model and example for all liturgical services and administration of sacraments. On Fridays and Sundays there are fire services in which the faithful are attending lively land actively. As a privilege the faithful is honoured by plenary indulgence by visiting and praying the following days in this Basilica. As a privilege to Basilica papal emblem and flag are placed in front of the main door of the church.

||| Triple Towers

This Basilica is having three towers in gothic style. Two of them are in front and one is in the back. The front towers are having 146 feet height, while the rear tower is known as Bible Tower. Visitors can go up to the view point either by step or by lift and they can see the panoramic view of Thrissur.



Music Bells


Eight bells, imported from Germany is a specialty of this church. They are producing the seven musical notes. Every day morning and evening 'Ave Maria' will be toned together in the Angelus.



Perpetual Adoration Center

Perpetual Adoration Center is a place of solace to the troubled man. Mar Joseph Kundukulam, the late Archbishop of Thrissur started this center and Cardinal Lourd Swamy inaugrated this. Everyday 8.15 a.m to 8.15 p.m there is adoration and Sacrament of confession is administrated from 8 a.m to 7 p.m.



Altars of the Church

As one enters the Church through the massive main door (elephant door) one notices the expansive nave that leads to the main altar. As he steps into the church and looks up, he finds, poised perpendicularly above him on the ceiling, the breath taking beautiful mural painting of the Holy Trinity. On both sides of the naves are a number of rock pillars wrapped in mosaic. Thousands can participate in the liturgy, occupying the nave, aisles, transepts and the balcony on both sides. The floor of the Church is paved with mosaic bricks and the whole church is gorgeously illuminated with varied varieties of electric lamps.



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